Does the race benefit the community?


Yes. The race donates to Franklin's Promise (a worthy cause that helps citizens of the community) and to the local Children's Christmas fund.


Can you pick up your race packet the morning of the race?


Yes, you can. We will have the EXPO open and you can pick up race bibs and register that morning. However, at 7:15 AM the race will start. If too many people want last-minute registrations or bibs on race morning, you may have to wait; that is why we encourage everyone to come to the EXPO on Saturday and pick up race bibs and/or register. However, if you can't make it, we understand. The good thing is your time doesn't start until you and your race bib actually cross the start line.


Why are distances on the maps slightly longer than standard race distances?


Google Maps measures distance down the center of the road, where the Jones Counter, a professional measuring device for courses, measures the shortest distance a runner can possibly take.


How late can I pick up my race packet?


The EXPO will close on Saturday night (October 19, 2019) at 6:00pm. You can pick up your race packet until then. If you are going to be traveling late Saturday, please pre-register for the race/s via Active.com or mail in your registration. That way, we can have all your info pre-loaded into the computer for the timing company. It's just difficult on the staff if you don't pre-register AND need your race packet at the last minute. 


How do I volunteer and what do I receive?


It's easy to volunteer for the Running for the Bay Marathon. Simply visit the VOLUNTEER page of this website for instructions.


As a volunteer, you will receive a FREE Running for the Bay Marathon T-SHIRT. Plus, you'll have a great time! You'll be right in the middle of the action!


If I mail in my registration will I get a confirmation?


No. Just look for your canceled check, that will confirm we received your registration. If you sign up online via Active.com, they will email you a confirmation at that time.


I signed up for the marathon, but now I only want to run the half marathon. What do I need to do?


To change to a shorter distance race, all you have to do is inform the staff when you pick up your race packet at the EXPO. This allows the staff to inform the timing company. It's as simple as that. (However, there is no refund in price difference.) If you want to run a longer distance, just inform the staff when you pick up your race bib. The staff will charge you the difference in the race fee at that time, however.


Is there a refund if we decide not to run the race?


No. There are no refunds. We simply ask that you do not sign up unless you want to participate. This includes cancellation due to weather and/or other causes.


What time will the bridges close?


The bridges will NOT close. When on the bridge, all races are run in the emergency lanes allowing the bridges to stay open. The emergency lanes are almost as wide as the regular lanes.


How far apart will the water stations be on the course?


We are trying to have the water stations two miles apart. However, due to intersections, bridges, etc. that can't always be achieved. However, that is our goal and the water stations should be close to that.


Will there be power drinks and snacks along the course?


We will have some power drinks, water, and snacks available along the course. However, it is first come, first serve. We do try to restock tables along the way. You may want to run with your own snacks, Goo and/or fluids, however. Water will be available at every table.


Where should I stay so I can get to the start line easily on race day?


You can stay in Apalachicola, Eastpoint or St. George Island and not have a difficult time getting to the Start line on the morning of the race. Apalachicola is a five-minute drive, Eastpoint is a ten-minute drive and St. George Island is a fifteen-minute drive. Please contact our sponsors, Resort Vacation Properties on St. George Island via email...


or call1-888-364-4536.


Can you wear headphones during the race?


It is a USATF rule that no headphones can be worn during a race; that rule was instituted years ago to keep coaches from transmitting "live" information to runners while on the course. "Coaching" via headphones would give one runner an advantage over another runner. We recognize IPOD "type" headphones are worn for enjoyment and recreation and not for transmitting information and since you will be on city streets, we can't restrict you from wearing IPODs and other similar headphones. The only restrictions to wearing headphones, per the race, is that you cannot win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the race, which is to show respect for the USATF rule. Per your safety, however, we highly recommend that you do not wear headphones or other audio devices of any type. We will not have the authority to stop any runner who wishes to wear headphones, only the ability to restrict them from placing in races while doing so.


Will the number of entrants be capped?


The number of entrants will not be capped. We do not have a lot of the restrictions that other race courses have.


Is the Running for the Bay Marathon a Boston Marathon qualifier?


The Running for the Bay Marathon course is certified by the USATF. Our certification number is #FL10040EBM. This means the course can be used to qualify for the Boston Marathon, the New York Marathon, or any other major that requires times to be set on a certified course.


Is there a mail-in registration form?


Yes. Go to the "Registration" page of this website and click on the hyperlink to download the MAIL-IN REGISTRATION FORM.


Where is the start/finish line?


The Start/Finish line is in Battery Park in Apalachicola. The race starts at 7:15 AM sharp. As soon as the wheelchair participants have cleared the start line, the Ultra 50K runners will leave, then the full marathoners, then halves, then 10Ks and then 5Ks. The timer could change this order if they see fit, however. Walkers and strollers of any distance are encouraged to start after all other racers, however. Remember, your time doesn't start until you cross the start line. Please note, the start line is also the finish line for all races.


Where to park?


On race morning there are lots of parking spots by the start/finish line and in downtown Apalachicola, which is only a five-minute walk away. Parking shouldn't be a problem.


What about the hills?


There are only two "hills" on the course. That is if you want to call them hills, they are actually bridges. The bridges rise up about 50', just enough to allow boats to pass under them. They should not require any additional training since they are not steep and/or long inclines. 


Is there a fee to go to the EXPO?


No. There is no fee to go to the EXPO. The EXPO is where runners pick up race packets and buy last minute items like Goo and other race-related merchandise. On race morning, there can be last-minute registration for the races inside the EXPO, which is right beside the start/finish line. There is an additional fee on race day, however, to encourage entrants to sign up earlier. The EXPO is open to the public, so anyone can attend.


Can I register at the EXPO?


Yes. Look at the website for your races' fee.


Can anyone enter the races and run or walk?


Yes! We encourage everyone to join us! From those that want to qualify for the Boston Marathon to those that want to have a leisurely stroll, everyone is welcome!


This year, 2019?


Join us for the running of the 2018 Running for the Bay Marathon postponed due to Hurricane Michael.


Are strollers allowed?


Yes. We only ask that you do not interfere with or impede other runners and walkers. And recognize that you will be on or beside a roadway and that staying safe is your responsibility. A family that runs together, stays together, but please be safe!


Where and when is the EXPO?


The EXPO is on Saturday 10/19/2019 (the day before race day) and is open from noon to 6:00 PM. The EXPO is located inside the community center in Battery Park in downtown Apalachicola. The EXPO is 50' from the Start line/Finish line area, so you can enjoy the EXPO on race day.




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